Mobile Apps

iOS & Android App Development

Designing and developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android requires a deep understanding of touch-enabled devices, interfaces and gestures. Our team of UI and UX design experts draw from the same principles and the many years of experience building user-friendly interfaces on desktops and laptops.

Mobile Matters


Average # of apps on a user’s smartphone


Searches lead to online action within ONE hour

6.1 Billion

Smartphones in the world (2020)


Visitors who search products while in-store


User Experience (UX) Design

Our UI and UX experts draw upon years of experience in design to help you deliver immersive and intuitive experiences.

Responsive Design

Our approach to responsive design ensures an optimal viewing experience for readability and navigation, minimizing the need to resize or scroll across different devices.

Rapid Prototyping

Design should be an iterative process supported by agile methodologies. The faster you can see what a design looks like the easier it is to provide feedback, eliminate the gaps and keep your business aligned with customer expectations. Our rapid-prototyping approach reduces time to market and minimizes risk and investment.

HTML5 or Native App?

Our experts will help you choose the best language, framework and platform to meet the demands of your increasingly mobile audience. Our development capabilities include HTML5, native iOS and Android development or a hybrid approach using frameworks like Xamarin or PhoneGap.

Data Integration

Systems no longer can operate on an island. The interwoven web of information implies that data is managed across many systems. We have the expertise and the know-how to integrate and manage data across ESPs, marketing automation platforms, POS systems and proprietary 3rd-party databases. So, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of connecting your data.

Award-Winning Mobile Apps


Luggage Tracking App for iOS and Android


Beacon-enabled Mobile App & Attendee Analytics