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Some say email marketing is dead. Well, we beg to differ! A personalized message crafted to strict design standards, conforming to CAN-SPAM laws, featuring an action-oriented subject line is proven to drive engagement. If you’re not happy with your email marketing results, we invite you to get in touch.

Here are 5 most overlooked (yet simple!) aspects of email marketing that drive ROI.

Audience – Make sure your target audience is segmented correctly. That’s 80% of the battle. No killer subject line, content or a discount offer is going to sway the user if you’re trying to appeal to the wrong audience.

Responsive Email Design – Emails that are W3C standards-compliant and render correctly across various email clients and devices are a key to engaging your audience. A poorly designed and developed email containing HTML errors is most likely to get caught in spam filters and folders.

Email Validation – 30% of subscribers change email addresses annually. To combat email spam, ISPs and companies are deploying tactics like setting up fake or honeypot email addresses to keep out spammers. Consistently high hard bounce rates affects your outbound email server reputation and leads to lower delivery rates. Validation lets you filter most of those bad, invalid and honeypot email addresses so your email list stays clean.

Subject Line – Make sure you avoid spammy words/phrases in your subject line. Treat your subject line like an elevator pitch. It’s what the user is most likely to respond to before deciding whether they want to open the rest of the email.

Deployment – If you’re using email to support your direct mail lead gen efforts, congrats! Research and results have consistently shown that emails that are sent to align with direct mail delivery can increase response rate up to 40%. Now, that’s great timing! And, while we can’t guarantee double conversion rates; our customers can certainly attest to them!

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AWARD-WINNING platform for unified email intelligence.

Simple ESP metrics like open and click-through rates are great but it does little to understanding your true subscriber engagement. Oktopus, our award-winning platform for data-driven email intelligence, uses patent-pending algorithms to assign a quantitative score to each subscriber based on recency, frequency and engagement. This score is calculated for each of the hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers and then plotted as clusters on a scatter chart to segment them into 4 categories viz. Fan Club, Rising Stars, Opportunities and Disengaged. So, you can precisely target your messaging to each individual group.

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Think Email is Dead?

247 Billion

emails sent each day or 1 every 0.00000035s


Average ROI on every $1 invested in email



of consumers use email at least 1x/day


of emails are opened on mobile


Brands consumers interact with daily vs. 9 on Facebook and 8 on Twitter.


More effective to acquire customers vs. Facebook or Twitter


increase in consumer spend vs. users who don’t receive email