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There are several elements critical to the success of your eCommerce website development strategy and growth. Responsive design, development, content management, supporting a product catalog, custom pricing, design templates, shopping cart, cart abandonment rates, payment gateway integration, EDI, backend logistics.

A thorough assessment of how things work sets the strategy and approach needed in user interface design, database architecture, workflow optimization, testing methodology and deployment. Ours is based on 13+ years of experience in digital marketing and technology for demand generation and sales. Plus, our agile approach to rapid prototyping will help you shorten time to market.

Responsive Design

We’re past the tipping point in mobile eCommerce. So, having a design-driven mobile strategy in place is critical. Through best practices in responsive design we ensure that your site can be accessed by users on mobile devices of different sizes and form factors from desktops to smartphones and everything in-between. Our design experts work closely with your content team to ensure the most optimal buyer experience.

Payment Gateway

Anxious, perhaps a bit nervous, about accepting credit card payments? Well, you’re not the alone. Even with the most advanced set of tools integrating a payment gateway into your eCommerce site can feel a bit daunting. Let our technology experts educate and guide you through the process so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Product Catalog

One of the biggest reasons for customer abandonment is poor product organization. When it takes the customer several clicks or searches to find the right product. This generally is a result of poor, incomplete or incorrect product tagging or wrong category assignment. Our expertise in taxonomy and organization will help your customers find the right product in the fewest clicks and quickly proceed to the cart.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Abandonment Rate (68%)


And, that costs retailers an estimated $18 billion in lost eCommerce revenue annually. Some of the reasons cited for shopping cart abandonment are related to shipping costs, overall checkout process, product price or timing. Our marketing & technology experts work with your product experts to design a process and workflow to help reduce this rate. Tactics like smart incentives based on past transactions, time-lapsed discounts, incentives on complementary products, (delayed) free shipping for in-basket transactions, etc. are aimed at reducing this rate.

Electronic Data Integration (EDI)

The interwoven web of data-sharing across applications and systems makes data integration critical to the success of any marketing organization. From POS systems and accounting software to automating shipping and handling logistics across all major providers including UPS, FedEx and USPS we offer a platform and system-agnostic to data integration.

Top investment channels for eCommerce

* Marketing Sherpa Ecommerce Benchmark Study, 2014
Email Marketing (94%)
Social Media (90%)
SEO (91%)

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