Direct Mail Automation

Automated campaigns - from design to launch - in a few clicks.

We transform direct mail using the latest technology stack and applying best practices in marketing. We’ve boldly transformed how direct mail is designed, managed and delivered. We’ve demonstrated this through several successful engagements for some of the biggest brands – Subaru, BlueCross BlueShield, CitiMortgage – to vastly improve efficiency, reduce turnaround times and lower TCO.

Client Success Stories

We’re designed solutions for Subaru for its auto dealerships, CitiMortgage for its network of Loan Consultants, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas to automate 60+ marketing campaigns and a Boston-based direct mail start-up that’s disrupting direct mail design and delivery.

Design and Architecture

Our database experts help build systems that are designed to meet the rigorous and growing needs and demands of every organization.


We take great care to make sure your compliance requirements are being captured and fulfilled in any system implementation. Compliance with security protocols, industry regulations, company guidelines etc.


Define, design and implement business rules to automate and streamline the most complex workflows. Let machines do the work and the crunching so you can focus on the strategic objectives of the campaign.

Real-time Delivery

Real-time delivery is not just a buzzword. It’s a way of life. If we could launch our campaigns yesterday we would. But, until then, you can feel reassured that we’ve architected, designed, and developed several direct mail automation systems for real-time delivery.


We take great care and go to great lengths to ensure that your data is secured. Even our development environment meets the highest industry standards when it comes to protection against physical and virtual threats. And, to seal it off, our solutions are delivered via web interfaces secured with SSL encryption.

Data Integration

When your marketing automation platform needs to connect and integrate with data from multiple sources you can count on our technology expertise working with 3rd party databases, POS systems and proprietary APIs.