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Helping you connect, organize and manage data across systems

We hear a lot of talk around “big data”. Big or small, every company is dealing with it’s own set of data challenges. It’s the holy grail for every data integration specialist working on finding a solution to this challenge.

We live in an age where we are constantly leaving behind breadcrumbs of information. Data that is generated by a myriad of everyday life events e.g. a visit to a website, a like on social media, an online purchase, visit to your local store, an email click, a click on a banner ad, an online login, a walk on the treadmill, a selfie, etc. And, it’s spread across a variety of systems that often don’t communicate with each other. Data integration, information sharing and visualization across CRM platforms, eCommerce systems, POS systems, ESPs, social media, internal company databases etc. is critical to making good business decisions.

You know what information you want to share across which systems, but to implement it takes a great deal of knowledge of the system architecture and native APIs to connect it all together. We have helped companies connect websites to CRM systems, microsites to social media platforms, content management systems (CMS) to eCommerce payment gateways and point-of-sales data to marketing dashboards. We make what may seem complex and difficult, simple.

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