Analytics & Dashboards

Data visualization & custom dashboards for actionable insights

Analytics & Dashboards for Unified Decision Making

Let’s face it. There’s no shortage of data. Website stats, online sales, conversion rates, sales figures, social media reach; the list goes on. The data keeps coming from different sources, through a firehouse, and no two views are the same. By the time you gather and analyze the data however, it could indicate something else entirely. Designed and presented well, analytics and dashboards offer a powerful means to visually display information from multiple sources in a single view. Your marketing organization can use this information to reveal actionable insights, make business decisions and unify the organization.

One View Across Multiple Systems

Connect, capture, view and analyze your data across multiple sources like CRM systems, ESPs, eCommerce platforms, social media sites, mobile platforms, open-source and proprietary databases, POS systems, etc.

Single Sign-On

Life’s already too complicated. Enable single sign-on and authenticate using Email, Facebook or Twitter.

SSL Data Encryption for Added Security

Security is paramount to protecting information. Using a combination of state-of-the-art security protocols on the client-side and role-based security on the backend we ensure that your data remains secure from prying eyes.

Less configuring. More Decision-making.

We pride ourselves in making things simple. Spend less time, learning and configuring new tools and systems and more time making decisions with easy-to-use analytics and custom dashboards.

Universal Dashboard


Give decision-makers the required permissions and access to analytics.


Display KPIs that are important to making actionable business decisions


Meaningful insights and actionable metrics for all

Tools to help with decision-making