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IPv4 vs. IPv6: Meeting the Demands of an Increasingly Digital Universe

With the ever increasing need to stay connected and the gamut of devices we use to help us stay connected, such as laptops, smart watches, and even a heart rate monitors, we’re running out of IP addresses, or the addressing system used by all things on the Internet. What’s IPv4? Before we talk about IPv4,...
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Predicting Customer & Prospect Engagement

Companies using operational dashboards have 3x revenue growth and 2x profit growth than companies that don’t. – Aberdeen Group Let’s say the end of Q3 is approaching soon and you believe that 85% of your subscriber base will renew their annual subscriptions. How confident are you in this forecast? Would you bet your job on it? What...
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Inbox Optimization Techniques

With a sleeker, more simplistic look and preference toward mobile viewership – email marketing can be even more effective in 2015. In Exact Target’s 2014 State of Marketing study, polling more than 2,600 mid to senior level marketing managers, it was found that email still plays a major role in many companies’ overall digital marketing strategies....
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HTTP/2 – Are You Ready to Experience a Faster Web?

Our favorite internet protocol, HTTP/1.1, is about to be replaced with HTTP/2. HTTP/2 makes for a much faster, secure web that aligns with our present-day experiences on the Internet. First, a Quick Lesson in HTTP History Before we go into explaining the newer HTTP/2 protocol, it is important to understand what HTTP is, or soon to be “was”. HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol,...
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