Direct Mail design to deployment in real-time


Subaru wanted to establish and enforce standards for content, images, offers etc. in print-based collateral being distributed through its dealer network. Dealers routinely engaged in promotional activities via direct mail and print advertising without any real oversight from Subaru over the branding, design and content. This often led to customers receiving conflicting or overlapping pieces of communication featuring inconsistent designs and offers. Subaru wanted to develop a portal a.k.a. a structured environment that allowed them to maintain control yet allowed participating dealerships to engage in real-time campaign deployment.


Digital Wavefront developed a secure dealer portal featuring preapproved designs, templates and content. The portal enabled the company to maintain control over certain aspects of customer-facing elements while enabling dealers to personalize the design, content and offer. The portal provided access to real-time delivery through an online interface. Pre-approved designs and templates enabled swift and easy customization, previews and automation. The project was executed through an agency partner who was responsible for print and delivery logistics. Built-in workflow automation and business processes, allowed for dealer orders to seamlessly flow into the vendor's back-end processes for fulfillment.


Case Study Results

Automated Dealer Portal

Secure portal with built-in intelligence to design, customize and deploy a campaign in under 5 clicks!

Case Study Results

Fully-automated Workflows

Fully-automated workflows to facilitate information exchange and with built-in business intelligence.

Case Study Results

Real-time Audience Targeting

Data integration with Subaru’s proprietary CRM system for real-time audience targeting.

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