Loan Consultant Portal for Customer & Prospect Engagement


Develop a Customer Engagement Portal that would enable CitiMortgage Loan Consultants (LCs) to maintain an active and engaging dialogue with their customers and prospects at various stages of the mortgage acquisition process.
Loan Consultants wanted a secure platform to send personalized direct mail communication. Although crucial to the decision making process, managing the logistics of the ongoing communication process was time consuming and inefficient.
On their wishlist was a tool that would let LCs manage their prospect/customer list in the cloud.


We designed and developed a secure online portal that enabled Loan Consultants (LCs) to deliver personalized communications over time. A virtual address book allowed LCs to maintain their contact list and manage their campaign recipients.
Built-in email workflows and trigger-based emails allowed the system to deliver alerts and confirmation emails. An XML data feed from USPS, the logistics provider, enabled them to track the packages in real-time, enabling them to precisely schedule a follow-up phone call.


Customer Engagement Portal

Secure, easy-to-use portal to automate all aspects of customer engagement

35% Increase in LC Participation

LC participation increased 35% within 8 weeks of launch

Contact Manager

For LCs to securely manage their customer list for ongoing opt-in campaigns.