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Windows1010 — Out With 8, In With 10…

…Window’s 10 that is!

windows 10 logoThe next generation of Windows has arrived and the stakes are high for the multi-billion dollar company, Microsoft. On Wednesday, January 21, 2015 in San Francisco, and with much fanfare, Microsoft debuted the release of their newest OS Windows 10. Executives from Microsoft unveiled the new OS and the convenience and consistency it offers, creating a common platform for software apps on different devices. In honor of the number 10, here are 10 quick facts about the newest upgrade from Windows:

1. Windows 10?  Wait, what happened to 9?

Why did Windows jump from 8 to 10, you ask? The version gap allows Microsoft to emphasize the distinction in updates between 8 and 10. The number 10 for Windows represents the last major update that will occur.

2. Small screen. Big ideas. — Your desktop now on your phone!                                  Desktop on Phone

The update is not only for large devices, but small devices such as smartphones as well! Windows 10 has made life easier by creating a software system that can be used on various digital devices. See your full computer desktop on your Windows smartphone. Windows 10 was designed to run seamlessly across a wide array of platforms, giving Windows users a more unified experience!

3. A personal voice-controlled digital assistant, Cortana on your desktop! 

CortanaNot only can you access your favorite apps on your Windows phone, but now you can play your favorite games such as Trivia Crack and Candy Crush on your PC. The best asset to Windows phones — Cortana. The voice automated digital assistant is now available on your computer!

4. Presentations on the go! We know you’ve waited a long time for this 😉

Windows 10 PowerpointNow your computer, tablet and phone can have a three-way conversation. With one product family, use any Windows platform you want and create presentations to your heart’s desire! Hook your smartphone to a projector and VOILA! Life is not only good, it’s also simple.


Project Spartan 5. Out with Internet Explorer, in with “Project Spartan”    

New to the Windows empire — Spartan! A brand new, sleek browser built around a new rendering engine. With a note-taking feature where you can share your mark up and edited works with other Windows users, who needs anything more — did we mention Cortana is built into the system as well!

XBOX and Windows 10 Together6. Your PC is now your Xbox…“You’re Welcome!”

Users of Xbox will be able to play their favorite games from their Windows 10 devices! This will also improve PC games with the help of Xbox, by deeply integrating its capabilities into the OS. This will help expand the Xbox footprint, as well!

Window's Start Menu7. The Start Menu is back. Isn’t vintage just a beautiful thing!

The start menu is back and better than ever! With Windows 10 you can pin apps to the start menu! Even a new interface as been created. Also, users will be able to grab apps from various desktops.

8. FREE At Last!

How much does Windows 10 cost, you ask? Completely FREE! Yea, you got that right. Microsoft will release the new OS as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

9. OS, Apps and Devices – Everything under 1 store

Microsoft all-in-one storeWhen purchasing applications, a Windows phone, tablet, and PC all utilize different stores. Not any more! It’s all in one place from here on out! One product family. One platform. One store.


10Projected Release: Mid- 2015 

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