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Predicting Customer & Prospect Engagement

Companies using operational dashboards have 3x revenue growth and 2x profit growth than companies that don’t.

– Aberdeen Group

Let’s say the end of Q3 is approaching soon and you believe that 85% of your subscriber base will renew their annual subscriptions. How confident are you in this forecast? Would you bet your job on it? What if you could more accurately predict renewal rates based on customer engagement? And those at risk of leaving could be identified months before renewals are due to positively affect the outcome. Would you be interested in this data intelligence?

Introducing Oktopus!

An award-winning cloud-based analytics platform that integrates ESP engagement metrics with other system data to better predict customer & prospect engagement. Get real-time insights on user engagement and make game-changing decisions on:
1. New Customer Segments
2. Content Strategy
3. Creative & Offer Optimization
4. Renewal Rate Accuracy
5. Pipeline Forecasts
6. Budget Allocation

It is the only product on the market that allows marketing and sales to analyze data from multiple data sources in a single dashboard. It measures and creates a visual map of “true” member engagement across a timeline.

Most business intelligence tools like Tableau, BusinessObjects, Oracle BI and Microsoft SSRS come with a steep learning curve, require technical expertise, are too expensive or all of the above. Oktopus gives us access to actionable insights to measure true customer and prospect engagement and drive engagement. And, it does that for a fraction of the cost.

– Kamal Hans, VP, Membership, American Marketing Association (AMA Boston)

Oktopus Data Sheet



Predicting Customer/Prospect Engagement

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