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Inbox Optimization Techniques

With a sleeker, more simplistic look and preference toward mobile viewership – email marketing can be even more effective in 2015.

In Exact Target’s 2014 State of Marketing study, polling more than 2,600 mid to senior level marketing managers, it was found that email still plays a major role in many companies’ overall digital marketing strategies.

A whopping 67% of the executives believed email marketing to be the core of their business, and the best bet for improving ROI for the coming year. Similarly, 57% planned to increase the number of emails sent, with 31% focused on growing their opt-in email lists.

As with any digital strategy, however, the success of email campaigns this year and beyond will depend on how companies adapt to changing customer expectations, utilize improved email marketing tactics and design/create content with personalization and optimization in mind.

Make the most of mobile.

Litmus found that 80% of people delete emails that don’t look good on mobile. Yet, only 4 in 10 marketers use responsive design in the majority of their emails.

Consider trends in email design like flat UI, responsive design, single-column layouts and minimalist in approach that improve readibility on mobile devices. And, before you hit send on those mobile-focused emails, be sure to test given the increased fragmentation and varied form factors of Android devices.

Our resident experts in email marketing, advise clients to focus their efforts on the following techniques up and down the email delivery funnel to optimize for the Inbox.

Favoring mobile-trends like responsive design, single-column layouts, fewer images and a minimalist approach. Even mobile-optimized emails render differently across email clients. Make sure CTA’s are touch-friendly and your email looks great with images off.

W3C-compliant HTML
HTML that’s compliant is more likely to render correctly across the fragmented ecosystem of mobile devices and thereby lead to improve Inbox delivery.

Subject line validation
Your subject line is a big driver on determining whether your email will land in the bulk?spam folder or in the user’s Inbox. Validate your subject line using heuristics and suppress known spam words.

Domain and DNS-level Configuration
Your email delivery depends on the reputation of the server sending your emails. If these records are not set correctly, it can lead to a low IP reputation which could prevent your emails from landing in the Inbox.

A Sender Score of 90+ is considered good.

Check Your Sender Score

Throttling or Time-shfited Delivery

The bulk email send strategy is no longer effective and can be damaging to your reputation. To stay out of spam filters send large-volume B2C emails in small batches and over time.

Use Predictive Analytics
Instead of sending more emails, get a better understanding your audience using predictive analytics to  and find look-alikes to top performers.

As customers have grown to expect not only a consistent brand experience on mobile, but a personalized interaction – segmentation and improved recipient targeting will be a key ingredient to a successful email marketing campaign.

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