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#DigitalC3: A Conversation About Social Media Marketing

We were excited to get social at our first Cround table discussion, which was led by thought leader and Director of Social Media at Overdrive Interactive — Bob Cargill. The idea behind C3, our new breakfast series, is to encourage attendees to connect with one another for an open discussion where they converse around one topic while curating ideas that can be applied to their own professional experiences. And, we did just that.

Our Founder, Nirmal Parikh, led the event by introducing the topic, Social Media for Business. He discussed ways that social media has grown to influence not just our personal lives, but brand perception, customer service and marketing overall. For every great social media campaign that has gone viral, there are glaring examples of social media #fails. These experiences, both good and bad, inform us on how we can better connect with our customers and better understand them.

Social Media: People want to talk to people

Bob Cargill shed light on ways in which successful brands and businesses are using social media for customer engagement. He stressed the importance of connecting with followers by communicating with a personal tone – whether you are representing yourself or your company. Bob underscored the idea that social strategies support various aspects of an organization. Social media, when done well, can help professionals learn more about the industry in which they work, track influence on the web and build a network of loyal support. He also outlined an example of a social media strategic plan, suggesting that you start by agreeing on your objectives, establishing a team and understanding your audience.

3 Social Media Tactics to Increase Engagement

In the spirit of C3, here are 3 great tactics Bob suggested for increasing social media engagement:

  • Provide Incentives and Rewards
  • Crowdsource Photos with Hashtags
  • Hold Twitter and Facebook Chats

Stay in the loop to be informed of upcoming C3 events and best practices for multi-channel marketing. Have a topic in mind for a future C3 event? Give us a shout at [email protected].

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