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Custom Landing Pages – Your Marketing Wingman

Before we get into revealing why you need a Landing Page, let’s first define a Landing Page. Let’s take a minute to walk down a grocery store aisle. Trust us, it will all come together!

A grocery store carries several thousand products, but if you want your product to “communicate” with more potential customers, you showcase it on the end-cap. The end-cap is prime real estate and companies pay big bucks for this space to give their products better visibility and not have it drown in the aisle noise.

Instead of the customer walking down the aisle and finding an endless selection of similar products, the end-cap provides you an opportunity to engage the customer, highlight the product features and perhaps offer a discount. Voila! Highly targeted and extremely effective.
Congratulations, you now know why you need a custom landing page. Landing pages work much the same way and is the online marketing equivalent of a grocery store end-cap. Instead of driving your precious traffic from your targeted marketing efforts to your regular corporate homepage (or a page on your website in general), where you risk losing the prospect in all the website “noise,” you setup a custom web page for them to visit.

A landing page allows you to better showcase the features and benefits of the product or service your marketing campaign is seeking to sell. They are an optimal touch point for your prospect and an optimized landing page has been proven to boost conversions by up to 50%.

By reducing the clutter of your regular website, it acts in the same way that a BOSE™ system does to music – reduces transient and unwanted noise.

A landing page, by definition, supports your marketing efforts but is not a silver bullet to generating a response. It is up to your marketing approach to initiate the response (and the landing page becomes the catcher’s mitt that helps capture more people once they get there).

In fact, your marketing, if not optimized, has the potential of back-firing with distasteful side-effects. Let’s review a couple scenarios of what can happen when a prospect isn’t inspired by your marketing.

1. The Placebo Effect – Your marketing isn’t effective but with no serious side effects

Let’s say that your target prospect just isn’t inspired by your content, offer, creative, etc. but the communication or touch point itself doesn’t generate a bad taste towards your brand. The person silently chooses not to respond, but doesn’t completely opt-out of your communications either.

You might actually consider this a blessing in disguise as you still have an opportunity to market to them!

2. The Wrong Pill – Not only is it not effective but you’ll also have to call poison control

In this example, your prospect is not inspired by your brand, content, creative, etc. and worse, they are actually turned off by the timing of the message or what you communicated. This ends up leaving a long-lasting, negative impression of your brand and the customer/prospect seeks to opt-out of any future communication.

When Everything Comes Together

When you have a carefully timed marketing campaign, targeted to the right audience and it is also complemented with a custom landing page, you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Landing pages cannot guarantee that you are reaching the right people with the right messages, but when that does happen, the landing page is there to increase the end result.

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