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Missed CES 2015? Here’s a Quick Recap with Trends and Highlights.

Letter iAdding the word “smart” in front of anything, instantly means it is technologically driven and innovative. Thousands of products on the consumer market begin with the word “smart.” As new devices and services are being introduced, these technologies are beyond “smart,” they are “intelligent” and “genius!”

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is known as the biggest tech show in the world. The tag line, Innovation at the speed of awesome was embodied at the Las Vegas #CES2015 show. The technological innovations did not disappoint this year. From keynote speakers, to conference-style lectures, #CES2015 has all of the events to tickle your technology fancy.

CES International Logo 2015CES stands for innovators and the promise and power of technology. Executives from leading companies spoke about the future of their company and consumer technology. Execs from GE, Electrolux, CNBC, and Phillips, addressed How Mobile is Fundamentally Changing our World and our definitions of categories like smart home, wearables, automotive and healthcare

Connected Products by 2020

Hands-free technology is an attribute promised by most technology companies and phone providers, including Apple and Samsung. Dozens of companies showed off Internet-connected devices and appliances at CES, from intelligent light bulbs to washing machines controlled by smartphone. Samsung went so far as to promise that all of its products would be Internet-connected by 2020. That is a tall promise to commit to their technology-based consumers, but no one believes Samsung will disappoint.


Wearable Technology Wearable technology is becoming more present and more fashion-forward. CES 2015 paved the stage for Misfit Wearables,  who displayed their newest product–Misfit Swarovski Shine. You heard right, Swarovski crystals line  this fitness tracker that never needs to be plugged-in to charge. The power of the sun will keep this  tracker “on track” and “light-up.” Let the crystals do the work and shine on!

Connected Cars

The car technology at #CES2015 was on track–but the driver doesn’t even have to keep their hands on the wheel any longer to do so. Everyone loves to drive a new, sleek, and shiny car.  From self-driving, to integrated data in the dashboard, and next-generation driver displays, #CES2015 showcased the latest in automotive tech, plus what we can expect to see in the next decade. CES featured cutting-edge automotive technology, the latest production offerings and, better yet, get a look at what technologies will be available in the future. The most talked about technology in the automotive sector is the self-driving technology.

Delphi Automobile

Automotive company, Delphi announced that they are working on a new car with a technology developer of software that can make crucial driving decisions. Where will we be with technology in 20 years? Better yet, where will our car take us?

Mobile Health (mHealth)

In 2014, wearable devices became the rage, many collecting data on everything from calories burned, to hours slept, and blood pressure. In 2015, technology companies and healthcare providers came together looking to put that information to good use. Healthcare has been an infamous and controversial topic in recent years. With the installment of Obamacare,the sector has changed and developed. New mobile healthcare (mHealth) technology is continuing to spread across the healthcare sector, and it’s going to change dramatically the way healthcare services are delivered in the future. Healthcare providers such as the Mayo Clinic have made some progress integrating technologies such as Apple Health into their day-to-day operations, while Duke University and Stanford University are working on their own trials with connected health technology.

Wearable Health Technologies

(Source: Continuum)

The Global Stage for Innovation, #CES2015 highlighted the major technologies promised to sweep the market in 2015. The International CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, and this year companies did not disappoint! Technology products will continue to evolve and develop, making the consumer’s life that much easier. With products like these, what will these companies surprise us with at #CES2016?

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