A portfolio of award-winning integrated campaigns, email marketing, mobile websites and SaaS platforms.
Built to maximize results and improve ROI for clients of all shapes and sizes across many verticals.

Banking » CitiMortgage

Develop a Customer Engagement Portal to enable CitiMortgage Loan Consultants (LCs) to maintain an active and engaging dialogue with their customers and prospects at various stages of the sales acquisition cycle.
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A Loan Consultant Portal automated the customer engagement process & increased participation by 35%.
It also featured a virtual Address Book for easy contact management and re-targeting over time.

Retail Financial Services

Retail Financial Lender wished to capitalize on foot traffic across 80+ geographically distributed locations using a platform that was engaging, easy to setup and configure remotely, offered built-in security, tracked media and displayed real-time reports.
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A fully automated In-store Display Ad platform featuring rich media, easy setup,
remote location configuration & upgrades, tracking ad impressions and a real-time dashboard.

Hospitality » Hilton Hotels

Generate awareness and social buzz about Anatole Hilton's Christmas celebration and on-site holiday events while creating a connection between online and offline customer experiences.
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An award-winning holiday microsite that was recognized for it's Creative Excellence by NEDMA.
It boosted hotel visits while attracting 2,800 Visitors and generating 7,600 Page views in just 3 weeks!

Retail Lending » Check ‘n Go

Make recommendations for improving the delivery and click-through rates of their existing B2C prospecting email campaign. Audience was largely unknown making personalization difficult and design was not mobile-optimized.
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10+ million emails deployed over a 12-month period with a marked improvement in delivery and click-through rates. Cost per Open was 74% less and Cost Per Click was 85% less compared to industry competitor.

Healthcare » BlueCross BlueShield of Texas

Create a system to automate the delivery of 60+ landing pages with dynamic and personalized content, data crunching & processing and real-time delivery.
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A configurable microsite with dynamic personalization automated 60+ campaigns and saved 400+ man-hours!
It generated a positive ROI in just 3 months and earned a successful roll-out in NM and OK.

Banking » Clackamas Federal Credit Union

Develop a desktop and mobile-friendly website for the credit union and with an IT-friendly Content Management System (CMS). Maintain a local flavor to reflect the community aspect and focus of the bank.
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Power of 1: Designed a desktop-friendly and mobile-optimized site powered using the same CMS!
Created a Handbook, i.e. "go-to" guide, for managing content and supported transitions to new site.

Education » Southern New Hampshire University

Develop an integrated multi-channel campaign designed to engage previously unresponsive high-school Juniors, prompt/convince them to opt-in to the communication pool and help shape student portfolio in the long term.
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An integrated multi-channel campaign that included DM, landing pages, email and social ads.
Features like persona-based content and asset library delivered a 8.4% response rate and a 25% conversion rate.

Healthcare » Kaiser Permanente

Design and develop an integrated campaign to build brand affinity, create synergy and generate "face-to-face" appointment ready leads for their Broker channel within their Small Business Group.
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Campaign increased the number of broker appointments by a factor of 2.2!
Plus, the online Tax Credit Calculator served as a soft offer to drive conversions.

Auto » Subaru

Develop a secure dealer portal to re-gain control of design, messaging and offers while removing any bottlenecks that enable dealers to design and distribute customized marketing collateral online and using a few clicks.
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Click-to-Mail Direct Mail Manager enabled dealers to design a direct mail campaign in under 5 clicks!
Template-based designs, improved workflows, financial thresholds and automated notifications.