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Better conversions with inbox optimized and mobile-ready emails

Some say email marketing is dead. Well, we beg to differ and we’ve got proof! A thoughtful message, carefully crafted to strict design standards, personalized to the opt-in user, featuring a million dollar subject line and delivered at the right time is proven to drive engagement.

So, if you’re not happy with your email response and click-through rates, call us to help drive improvements. Often overlooked aspects that drive responses include responsive design, email validation, delivery management, throttling, geo-specific delivery, predictive modeling, etc. While we can’t guarantee 2X conversion rates; our customers can certainly attest to them!

Email Validation

30% of subscribers change email addresses annually. Even with an internal email opt-in list if addresses aren’t validated, it will lead to higher hard bounce rates. Servers responsible for delivering your emails (these are physical equivalents of post offices) use this metric to ensure that everyone receives only the good stuff. A consistently high hard bounce rate (5-8%) will damage your (server) reputation making all legit emails sent from that server to be considered as potential spam or undeliverable. And, it takes a long time to recover. To combat this, we validate every email to ensure maximum deliverability and to minimize hard bounce rates.

Responsive Design

Our creative adheres to the strictest compatibility standards guaranteed to work across mobile devices and many flavors of email clients. Our device-agnostic and client-agnostic approach to design ensures your email provides an optimal viewing experience for readability and navigation. Including a <preheader> ensures that users on mobile devices get a quick preview of your email before deciding to open it. This acts an elevator pitch, so master it.

Inbox Optimization

Let our team of email experts help you optimize for the Inbox through responsive design, domain and DNS-level configuration, subject line testing and validation to avoid spam filters, email “throttling” aka spreading the sends over time and predictive analytics. All of which reduces the volume of emails you send while resulting in better email delivery rates.

Reputation Management

An email server’s reputation is determined by many factors including volume sent, delivery ratios, bounce rates, email heuristics, etc. Our experts can manage this process and maintain your server’s reputation. Monitoring includes actively engaging with ESPs and ISPs to avoid getting on their blacklists. But, in the event you do, it’s to ensure that it is quickly resolved through best practices.L

Setup & Deployment

Let’s face it. You already have enough on your plate. The last thing you want to do is manage email campaign management tasks! Well, we can manage the process for you. So, once your emails have been designed and developed, your lists validated and we’re approved to go, sit back and relax (or enjoy a spa treatment, we don’t judge!) while we deploy your emails in line with best practices that include volume ramp-up, throttling, reputation monitoring and management, working behind the scenes with ISPs and ESPs, reporting and fine tuning to achieve the best results.

Predictive Analytics

Simple ESP metrics are great to measure the ongoing health of your campaign, to make real-time adjustments, but it does little to understand your subscriber’s true engagement over time. Using patent-pending algorithms in Oktopus, our award-winning platform for data-driven business intelligence, we are able to assign every subscriber a quantitative score based on recency, frequency and level of engagement – dimensions that uniquely identify each subscriber’s true engagement. It’s like finding out the NPS score for your organization. This unique individual score is calculated for each of the hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers and plotted on a scatter chart further segmenting them into 4 categories viz. Fan Club, Rising Stars, Opportunities and Disengaged.

Oktopus - Business Intelligence based on interactions

Guide to Email Marketing Best Practices

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Think Email is Dead?

247 Billion

emails sent each day or 1 every 0.00000035s


Average ROI on every $1 invested in email


of consumers use email at least 1x/day


of emails are opened on mobile


Brands consumers interact with daily vs. 9 on Facebook and 8 on Twitter.


More effective at acquiring customers vs. Facebook or Twitter


increase in consumer spend vs. users who don’t receive email


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