Custom Web Development

Custom web development solutions for your unique needs

In an increasingly digital world, technology is an enabler and critical to the success of your digital marketing initiatives. We offer platform, language & framework agnostic custom web development solutions. We’ve built many workflow-based, rules-driven, highly secure and highly-automated & smart marketing platforms and systems. Systems that have been successfully tested and deployed by brands like Subaru, CitiMortgage, BlueCross BlueShield and a Boston-based start-up.

Another example of a custom web solution involved bringing POS (point-of-sale) data from 100+ locations and creating a Marketing Dashboard to mine for data intelligence. Intelligence that is being used to create and deliver highly-personalized offers based on customers’ transaction history including volume, frequency, type, location, etc.

We love to Code. We love to Collaborate. We love to Create. Being extremely well versed in technologies for web, email and mobile, we can help you bridge the gap between marketing and technology. To help educate you. To help train you. And, to help you succeed.

Rapid Prototyping

In a highly dynamic environment, development must be an iterative, visual process supported by agile methodologies. The sooner you can build an MVP (Minimal Viable Prototype) for your product or solution the easier it is to provide feedback, eliminate market gaps, stay aligned with customer expectations and reduce costly mistakes. That’s why a “waterfall” approach to development doesn’t work any more.

Our rapid-prototyping approach to design and development leverages agile methodologies to reduce time to market, minimize risk and investment and gets you closer to a working prototype faster than ever before. It’s not just a design methodology but rather a strategic advantage that gives you speed to market and first-mover advantage in a highly competitive market.

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