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Custom Landing Pages – Your Marketing Wingman

Before we get into revealing why you need a Landing Page, let’s first define a Landing Page. Let’s take a minute to walk down a grocery store aisle. Trust us, it will all come together! A grocery store carries several thousand products, but if you want your product to “communicate” with more potential customers, you...
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Personalize, Promote & Protect Your Brand Using Twitter

This is Part 1 of our social media series that will talk about improving your company’s brand using Social Media tools. We’ll kick off the series with Twitter. We’ll talk about who’s using it, why you should use it, some best practices and finally a few things to consider when adapting Twitter into your marketing...
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Top Technology Trends for 2011

Here are IMO the top contenders for technology trends for 2011. Yes, of course, “social” is in there and so is “green” but we added a few others that may (or may not) surprise you. Check out the entire list and let me know if you agree or disagree. They are in no particular order,...
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