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What’s Good for the Consumer is not Always Good for the Community

In the sharing economy there’s nothing more ubiquitous than Uber and Airbnb. Uber may be closer to becoming a verb, if it hasn’t already. I’ve heard friends tell me “Let’s Uber it.” With it’s great innovative idea that makes low prices and convenience available to millions worldwide, it’s certainly a great thing for the end user. But, that’s where it ends. As...
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Engaging Customers Through Content

Being able be engage with your customers with personalized & relevant content is the holy grail of customer engagement. So, in this post, we’ll look at a few tactics that you can use to keep your customers coming back for more, like/share your content on social media. Email Newsletters This “push” technique plays an important role in building awareness and...
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Improve Page Load Times & Boost Your Website Performance

Almost 5 years ago Google announced that it will take into consideration page load times in their search engine ranking. This is not the sole factor affecting ranking and clearly not something that would’ve mattered (much) at the time. However, the last 5 years has seen an exponential growth in mobile usage smartphones and tablets. Sundar Pichai...
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IPv4 vs. IPv6: Meeting the Demands of an Increasingly Digital Universe

With the ever increasing need to stay connected and the gamut of devices we use to help us stay connected, such as laptops, smart watches, and even a heart rate monitors, we’re running out of IP addresses, or the addressing system used by all things on the Internet. What’s IPv4? Before we talk about IPv4,...
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Predicting Customer & Prospect Engagement

Companies using operational dashboards have 3x revenue growth and 2x profit growth than companies that don’t. – Aberdeen Group Let’s say the end of Q3 is approaching soon and you believe that 85% of your subscriber base will renew their annual subscriptions. How confident are you in this forecast? Would you bet your job on it? What...
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Change is in the air...

Oh, hey there! Good to see you. We wanted to share some new information re: our recent relocation.

* NEW * Phone Number: 781-242-2423

* NEW * Address:

19A Crosby Drive
Suite 100
Bedford, MA 01730

Oh, and don’t be shy. Feel free to drop by anytime!

Got it!