Your DIY Guide To Digital Marketing

Guides curated from experience, written by experts and proven in the real-world

Broken pipe? Dishwasher won’t start? Check engine light one? Let’s face it. Sometimes we just want to do things ourselves. There’s a sense of achievement and it’s highly satisfying. But, doing it yourself, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. You’ve got YouTube for all your fixes around the home. So, why not a DIY marketing kit?

Well. Luck you. We’ve put together a checklist of sorts for all your DIY needs. Want an email marketing checklist? Sure. Marketing for a bank on a short budget? We got your back. Download these guides and get a head start with best practices. You’ll be glad you did. And, if you do need some help, call our technology and marketing experts at +1-781-242-2423.

Healthcare Marketing

  • Deliver outstanding patient experiences across your website, landing pages and email
  • Improve usability with responsive design, navigation, and personalization
  • Access in-depth research and access infographics focused on marketing trends
  • Set goals and measure progress against a checklist

Banking & Financial Services

  • Engage with your customers in your branch, online and on-the-go
  • Innovate with mobile-enabled features like check deposits using mobile
  • Security is paramount so actively monitor and counter threats, URL hijacking and other forms of risks
  • Protect customer information and inform them of security practices

Email Marketing

  • Key principles of responsive mobile-friendly design
  • Techniques to avoid SPAM filters
  • Interpreting and avoiding red flags to make your email more effective
  • A success checklist to help you plan your campaigns

Email Marketing FINAL Checklist

  • Techniques, tips and tricks to avoid those “O Sh\t” moments
  • Avoiding data pitfalls – international addresses, UPPERCASE first names, etc.
  • The 5 “Cs” of Content
  • Preheader text and “Promotions” tab