Check ‘n Go

Email marketing campaign to complement DM delivery


Check ‘n Go relies on email marketing as a critical channel to drive retail in-store traffic and online visitors. They had already tried several companies to help them improve email performance but were only been able to attain a marginal ROI.


Digital Wavefront approached the challenge by breaking down and examining each part of the email campaign, from design to delivery. At each stage, we examined the data and moved forward with best performers.
– Created mobile-friendly designs of email
– Validated email to improved the delivery-to-send ratio
– Best practice HTML development to ensure compatibility across 26+ popular desktop and mobile email clients
– A/B tested subject lines
– Built and managed sender reputation
– Looked for trends and analyzed results prior to subsequent sends
– Looked for sweet spots for send dates/times – split up the lists according to time zone


Improved Delivery & Conversions

Improved design, validation and reputation management resulted in improved email delivery and a double-digit increase in response rate

74% lower CPO, 85% Lower CPC

Compared to the segment that didn’t receive targeted email, cost per open was 74% lower and cost per click 85% lower 

Lower Send Volume

Real-time compilation, data analysis and predictive modeling led to improved audience targeting and lower send volumes.