BlueCross BlueShield of Texas

Marketing automation for 60+ campaigns


BlueCross BlueShield of TX was delivering 60+ personalized marketing campaigns a year at varying frequencies. Each program was designed and customized to a specific target audience and supported with a personalized landing page to measure and track performance. The sheer number of programs posed a monumental design, development and logistical challenge. Plus, they wanted to deploy each program at short notice, enable on-the-go personalization, and access reports in real-time.


Digital Wavefront designed and developed a fully customized microsite complemented with an automated File Manager. The microsite served as a single response channel and was built to support dynamic personalization and aid in creative testing based on the target audience and their individual characteristics. The File Manager featured real-time processing of data and on-the-go personalization. Program owners could configure dynamic content elements such as text, phone numbers and images to build the microsite experience on the fly. integration allowed the leads to flow directly into the customer’s CRM system in real-time.


Case Study Results

Dynamic Microsite

Featuring content personalization, real-time data processing, customization and deployment of prospect data files.

Case Study Results

60+ Campaigns Automated

Secure direct mail delivery portal to automate the delivery of 60+ campaigns over a 12-month period.

Case Study Results

400+ Hours of Savings

The program resulted in the automation of 400+ man-hours with an estimated ROI of under 3 months.

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