Data-driven platform for unified business intelligence

Oktopus Cluster ChartCompanies rely on business intelligence software to gain actionable insights for better decision-making. Although the data may reside across many platforms, it needs to be aggregated and presented in a universal dashboard and in real-time.

Oktopus is a cloud-based platform that uses patent-pending algorithms and scoring models to help you better understand true customer engagement. It helps you identify your most valuable assets and your disengaged or “at-risk” customers.

Get real‐time insights on user engagement and make game‐changing decisions on customer segmentation, content, creative & offer optimization, renewal rate accuracy, pipeline forecasts and budget allocation. Make insightful, KPI-based decisions by finding real answers hidden inside your data across any system and any number of dimensions.


Product Features


Connectors let you setup data pipes to automatically and continuously fetch interaction and engagement data from platform providers. Multiple Connectors are supported to fetch data from ESPs, Marketing Automation Platforms, CRM systems, etc.

Attribute Analysis

Attribute Analysis lets you layer your campaign engagement data (e.g. opens & clicks) with n-dimensional source data containing demographic (age, gender, marital status, etc.), geographic (city, state, etc.) and psychographic (attitudes, interests & opinions) information to reveal a rich drill-down analysis.


An individual’s Scorecard showcases their unique Total User Score based on frequency, recency and level of engagement that they maintain with your communication. It also shows his/her Unique Engagement Graph (UEG) showing their engagement over time and their Last Known Interaction (LKI).


SmartSegments represents a Cluster Chart divided into 4 actionable quadrants (Fan Club, Rising Stars, Opportunities & Disengaged) to highlight areas of opportunity, content and offer marketing opportunities, and for risk assessment.

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Award-winning solution featuring patent-pending algorithms to measure “true” customer and prospect engagement.

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