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Learn How To Educate, Engage & Entertain Your Customers

Too often marketers use “brochure ware” as content for their marketing automation efforts. Strong product offers, sales pitches, non-relevant articles, etc. are some examples of overly used but highly ineffective content. For example, a lot of companies start sending newsletters but, over time, the initiative loses steam and producing useful and valuable content becomes a challenge. They are now faced with 3 choices i.e.

  1. Keep producing newsletter content that is increasingly stale, irrelevant and ineffective
  2. Change the frequency of the newsletter which impacts the positioning e.g. weekly, monthly, etc.
  3. Discontinue the newsletter completely (ooh, scary option!)

Choices #2 and #3 are quite dramatic so, too often, companies choose Option #1 only to realize that customers are turning “off” and are increasingly opting-out.

For your lead nurture efforts to work effectively, create content that’s:

1. Educational

People prefer to read content that provides educational value. The level of that educational value may vary depending on the your audience, someone in their mid-career may derive more value vs. a CEO of a company. They should derive some value nonetheless.

Case in point: Khan Academy

2. Engaging

Create content that’s engaging. This could mean creating or curating content that’s personalized to your audience to maintain a high-level of engagement with each communication. Now, you might be able to create content that has a broad sense of appeal from copywriters to marketing managers. But, a lot of times you may have to segment that content based on discipline, title, industry vertical, preferences etc.

Case in point: Marketing Experiments, MarketingProfs

3. Entertaining

Last, but not the least, create content that’s entertaining. Create and share content that is fun and sharable, not sanitized. This doesn’t mean you open your kimono to everyone, but at least face the other way if you do!

Case in point: Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (YouTube: 34m views)

So, educate, engage & entertain to Enchant your customers!

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