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Insights into the Multi-Screen World (via @Google and @NEDMA)

The folks from Google (Anthony Phalen and Michael Hawkins) recently shared some very interesting data around mobile (audience, devices, behavior, usage, etc) at the 2012 NEDMA Marketing & Technology Summit that furthered my knowledge and cemented my understanding of the mobile platform, devices and landscape.

Mobile is already here and is the future of marketing. That’s where some of your customer interactions are taking place now, more will take place in the next 2 years and most will take place 5 years from now. Considering that Apple has almost a MILLION apps in the App Store and Google is activating almost a million Android devices on a daily basis it is almost certain that mobile is where you will first interact and engage with your customer in the (very) near future. It will be a huge (and rude I might add!) wake up call for anyone who thinks or says otherwise.

I’ll use a bunch of infographic-style graphs that will do the “talking” for me. BTW, I am always happy to talk/discuss/brainstorm and share ideas around this topic as I am personally extremely passionate about it. So, feel free to ping me (@BOSMarketer or @nirmalp) or join the conversation here. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Here’s a neat little ticker that tracks the # of Android devices in the world! PS: Doesn’t work in Firefox. Sorry.

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