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Design Emails for the Mobile Customer

According to a recent Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey Study, a majority of smart-phone and tablet owners open their emails on mobile regardless of age and device. Owners aged 18-39 are clearly the most engaged when it comes to mobile interaction, with over 85% of the group opening emails on mobile!

Here are just a few things to consider as smart marketers.

1. Be sure to validate your emails on the most popular mobile devices – as an outsider looking in. Look for inconsistencies in content, images, layout and hyperlinks.

2. Use responsive design principles that optimizes content based on the device form-factor.

3. Test your emails with images off. Most email clients will render promotional or non-whitelisted emails without images. It is up to the customer to let you in.

There are many more things to consider. So, how confident are you about your next email campaign? Give us a shout if you’d like an expert opinion.

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