Dec 19

Digital Infocard – We Love Organic SEO & You Should Too!


We Love Organic SEO & Here’s Why You Should Too! – Organic SEO is critical for search engine queries – 70% of clicks on the first page are on organic links – The top 3 Links on Google account for 60% of organic clicks – 75% of the people who search don’t go past the… Read more »

Dec 09

Digital Infocard – Searching for Information

In Search of Information… – The Internet is the largest “virtual” country with a population of 2 billion – Worldwide searches per month on Google = 88 billion – 57% of the world’s population searches DAILY – Every other query is for a product or service – 20% of searches are for LOCAL businesses

Dec 01

Digital Infocard – Twitter Universe

Twitter Universe – Twitter has 200+ million users – Logins jumped 82% this year – 450k accounts are created DAILY – The first billion tweets took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day – We are now creating a billion tweets in 5 days – 5% of the users create 75% of the content on… Read more »

Nov 29

Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

With the boom of social media it may seem as if email has taken a back seat. Nothing could be further from the truth. Email Marketing is still one of the most powerful channel for staying in front of your customers and building relationships. Near 100% penetration, ease of use, accessibility via mobile devices, low… Read more »

Nov 23

Digital Infocard – QR Codes


QR Codes – QR Codes were created back in 1994 by Toyota – Americans scanned 14 million QR Codes (as of July 2011) – 46% of the users scan QR Codes to get discounts – Their usage was up a whopping 4,589% from 2010 – 2011 – 68% of QR Codes are scanned using an… Read more »

Nov 16

Digital Infocard – Facebook Marketing


Facebook Marketing – Facebook has 800+ million users and counting. It’s the 3rd largest country in the world! – 75% of Facebook’s users are outside the US – CTR for links in News feeds is 1 in 715 or 0.13% – CTR for links in Pages is 1 in 280 or 0.35% – Wednesdays are… Read more »

Nov 03

What Does Google Have That Facebook Doesn’t?


CONTEXT That’s what Google has that Facebook doesn’t. Allow me to indulge. Although both feature self-serve models for creating, managing, distributing and targeting ads to audiences in multiple formats and of various demographics across distributed geos, Search Ads i.e. Google AdWords tends to still fare better over Facebook Ads. The average click-through rate (CTR) for… Read more »

Oct 25

7 E-mail Marketing Rules To Follow Before Hitting Send


E-mail marketing is a powerful and effective tool, but the success of an e-mail is dependent on several critical “behind the scene” components. To make the most out of your e-mail marketing campaign and improve deliverability, follow these 7 guidelines before hitting SEND! Avoid spam words Create a sender policy framework (SPF) record Use the… Read more »

Oct 12

QRious About QReating QR Codes?


So, we’ve all been curious about the little black and white squares that seem to pop up almost everywhere we turn our heads these days. They are on milk containers, subway trains, coupons, for-sale house signs, magazines, blogs, newsletters, everywhere! What is a QR Code? QR codes are 2 dimensional bar codes. They are capable… Read more »