Nov 29

Insights into the Multi-Screen World (via @Google and @NEDMA)

daily scrn interactions

The folks from Google (Anthony Phalen and Michael Hawkins) recently shared some very interesting data around mobile (audience, devices, behavior, usage, etc) at the 2012 NEDMA Marketing & Technology Summit that furthered my knowledge and cemented my understanding of the mobile platform, devices and landscape. Mobile is already here and is the future of marketing…. Read more »

Oct 30

Decision Science – What Affects Our Decision Making Process?


So, we’d all like to believe that we make rational decisions most of the time. Right? Well, last week at FutureM I heard Aaron Reid and Nancy Harhut talk about the science of decision making and they tell us otherwise! In fact, only 5% of our decisions are based on a rational thought process. The… Read more »

Oct 24

5 Insights from Google’s Chief Evangelist for Social Brands


Yesterday, I had the pleasure to hear Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist, Google Social for Brands, speak at FutureM in Boston. First, a few stats that he shared. – Cellphones have become a part of our human body. He labeled it the 79th organ! – There are 6 billion mobile devices in the world right now…. Read more »

Oct 04

Introduction to Cloud Service Providers


The coming of the cloud has transformed how people store, access, engage, manage and deploy information, hardware and services. As a user of hosted email or an app, you might be wondering what else is hosted out there? Well, here’s a list to get you started. AaaS – Application As A Service See SaaS BaaS… Read more »

Sep 21

Apple Product Launch Survival Kit


Starbucks Coffee – Dude! You’re buying an Apple product. Dunkin Donuts ain’t gonna make the cut. Any Apple product – iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac. You certainly don’t want to be seen with a Samsung Galaxy running Android! Toiletries – Do everyone else a favor. Stock up before you hit the lines. And, use often &… Read more »

Sep 05

Digital Infocard – In Search of Mobile Apps


In Search of Apps… Mobile App search is contextually different. Search (on teh desktop) assumes the person is looking for information. It’s different in the mobile world. Folks aren’t searching for information. They’re searching for Apps. 60% of iOS apps have NEVER been downloaded Discovery Rate for Apps = 2% 0.1% of iOS Apps generate… Read more »

Jun 14

Personalized Landing Pages: First Impressions Matter


It may be true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; however, when it comes to first impressions that your landing page creates, do you really want to test that theory? My guess is not. A Landing Page is the first point of interaction for a user with your site. This is your… Read more »

Feb 02

Digital Infocard: Facebook’s S-1 Filing


Facebook Post S-1 Filing – 845 million monthly active users (MAU) – 100 billion friend connections – 2.7 billion DAILY likes & comments – 250 million photos uploaded DAILY – 2011 Revenue = $4 billion – Zuckerberg’s Bullion = 28.2%

Feb 01

Facebook Buttons We Couldn’t Live Without

So we all know about the ubiquitous Like and Share buttons on Facebook.  I for one, however, would like to see some buttons that truly communicate our state of mind.  C’mon, admit it, everything is not black and white in real life. So, while exercising my First Amendment rights, I propose the following new buttons… Read more »

Jan 24

Digital Infocard – You Too Should Be On YouTube


You Too Should Be On YouTube – 4 BILLION videos viewed EVERY DAY – 1 month of uploads is equivalent to 60 years of content produced by the 3 major US networks – Traffic sources: 30% US, 70% International – 1 TRILLION playbacks in 2011 – 150 years of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook… Read more »