Dec 10

A 4-Step Guide to Turning Prospects into Customers

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Getting stuck when creating a marketing strategy can just mean you’ve lost sight of the “purpose” behind your goals. For demand generation, lead nurture or customer retention, it is critical to step back and draw up an outline answering why this next move will forward your goals and how it will position your company. Consider this… Read more »

Nov 14

You Can Bank On Mobile

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This has been a big year for mobile. From growth in tablet shipments and multiple device use to an explosive increase in mobile-centric innovations at every level, mobile is where you want to be in the present and future. Banks and other financial institutions have a great opportunity to thrive in this channel. It is… Read more »

Oct 29

Healthcare Marketing: Using Digital Channels to Connect and Simplify


There are two main ways customers use digital to address health related needs. Inward-focused Using health tracking devices/applications, researching to gain a better understanding of health concerns (like the infamous self-diagnosis) and consuming overall health/wellness related content. Outward-focused Using digital to research healthcare facilities and caregivers, interact with brands through mobile apps or social media,… Read more »

Oct 14

Design Emails for the Mobile Customer

email opened on mobile

Emails Opened on Mobile | Infographics According to a recent Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey Study, a majority of smart-phone and tablet owners open their emails on mobile regardless of age and device. Owners aged 18-39 are clearly the most engaged when it comes to mobile interaction, with over 85% of the group opening emails… Read more »

Oct 04

Wake up! Your Customers Have Gone Multi-Screen

the multi-screen customer

  The Multi-Screen Customer | Infographics This year according to Pew Research, 91% of American adults have a cell phone, 56% have a smartphone and 34% have a tablet. Not only has mobile device ownership increased for tablets and smartphones but multi-device ownership has as well. What does this mean for marketers? Keep an eye… Read more »

Sep 23

Mobile Banking is on the Rise!

banking blog

Banking Apps Used by 58% of Customers (IAB study) | Create infographics   Mobile is increasingly the preferred touchpoint between banks and their customers. IAB found that 58% of customers surveyed use mobile banking apps. And, 45% of adults under 30 used banking mobile banking in 2012 (Federal Reserve Bank). As a financial institution, it is… Read more »

Sep 13

Is Apple Color-Blind or Just Incompetent?


Did Apple copy the color palette for the iPhone 5C from Nokia? PS: The Nokia Lumia 620 has been available for a few months now. So, Apple, if you’re reading this, here’s a great little tool called the Color Scheme Designer. You can see how CRAZY easy it is to pick colors that are different… Read more »

Sep 11

Creating QR Codes From URLs in 2 Simple Steps!


In this age of micro-communications (Twitter, Vine, etc.) we are all used to using URLs. But, have you ever wondered how you could create a QR code for that URL. Hmmm….I am sure you have. Well, it’s easier than you think and here’s the trick. Step 1: Get yourself a URL @…. Read more »

Sep 02

Meeting Key Priorities For Community Banks and Credit Unions in 2014


In a recent survey of senior bank and credit union executives, noted blogger, Jim Marous, found that a common strategic priority is to improve the customer experience. He cites lower margins, increased competition, higher operating expenses and channel disruption as factors that are pushing bankers to look to customer satisfaction as a means to competitive… Read more »

Sep 01

Social Marketing: The social brand’s influence on buying behavior

social media influence on buying behavior

  78% of surveyed social media users stated that their purchases were in some way influenced by social media (Forbes). Facebook had the primary influence at 47% while Twitter was far behind at a slim 5% (State of Search). To top it off, the percentage of social media users who follow brands more than doubled… Read more »