Apr 01

Hangover #TEDxVille 2014 – Somerville, MA

Nirmal Parikh @ TEDx Somerville 2014

I had the pleasure of attending TEDx Somerville on Sunday, March 30 at Brooklyn Boulders. For me this was the 2nd time being in attendance and so I was super excited to be part of something educational and entertaining. If you were at TEDx Somerville 2012 you’ll know exactly what I mean! The GREAT Being… Read more »

Mar 28

Making Sense of Twitter #Hashtags

oscars selfie

Here’s a riddle. What… Appears during good times and bad times in Twitter feeds Erupts after celebrities make unexpected choices (#Twerking) Peaks during world events, big games, award shows Or, if you are new to social media – maybe you’ve just added them to the list of social nuances that have yet to explain themselves. Answer:… Read more »

Mar 13

How a Little Bird will Impact Your Marketing, SEO and Content Strategy in 2014

Google Hummingbird

Ironically, the technology explosion has led us back to basics – People: who are we trying to reach, how they consume information, products & services, and why. Over the past few years, improvements in digital marketing have re-focused to make things easier for the mobile user, social followers, website visitors, customers, and searchers. When Google introduced… Read more »

Feb 15

I Don’t Need a Mobile Strategy. Wait, Do I?


To understand what your mobile strategy should be, let’s begin first by demonstrating why you need a mobile strategy. Consider the following facts. 1. There are more mobile phones than there are toothbrushes worldwide. A study by eMarketer showed that 2013 smartphone penetration was at 74% (up from 58% in 2012) and tablet penetration was at 52% (up… Read more »

Jan 21

Proof is in the Purchase: Retail Marketing Insights for 2014

black friday

Black Friday Digital Shopping Trends | Create infographics Digital stole the show this holiday shopping season. 2013 was the year of mobile “awareness” – countless predictions, data and research about how mobile and digital marketing continues to drive consumer behavior. Here are a few insights from the 2013 holiday shopping season to help shape your… Read more »

Dec 10

A 4-Step Guide to Turning Prospects into Customers

4_steps-resized-600 (600x237)

Getting stuck when creating a marketing strategy can just mean you’ve lost sight of the “purpose” behind your goals. For demand generation, lead nurture or customer retention, it is critical to step back and draw up an outline answering why this next move will forward your goals and how it will position your company. Consider this… Read more »

Nov 14

You Can Bank On Mobile

banking blog

This has been a big year for mobile. From growth in tablet shipments and multiple device use to an explosive increase in mobile-centric innovations at every level, mobile is where you want to be in the present and future. Banks and other financial institutions have a great opportunity to thrive in this channel. It is… Read more »

Oct 29

Healthcare Marketing: Using Digital Channels to Connect and Simplify


There are two main ways customers use digital to address health related needs. Inward-focused Using health tracking devices/applications, researching to gain a better understanding of health concerns (like the infamous self-diagnosis) and consuming overall health/wellness related content. Outward-focused Using digital to research healthcare facilities and caregivers, interact with brands through mobile apps or social media,… Read more »

Oct 14

Design Emails for the Mobile Customer

email opened on mobile

Emails Opened on Mobile | Infographics According to a recent Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey Study, a majority of smart-phone and tablet owners open their emails on mobile regardless of age and device. Owners aged 18-39 are clearly the most engaged when it comes to mobile interaction, with over 85% of the group opening emails… Read more »

Oct 04

Wake up! Your Customers Have Gone Multi-Screen

the multi-screen customer

  The Multi-Screen Customer | Infographics This year according to Pew Research, 91% of American adults have a cell phone, 56% have a smartphone and 34% have a tablet. Not only has mobile device ownership increased for tablets and smartphones but multi-device ownership has as well. What does this mean for marketers? Keep an eye… Read more »