Sep 02

#MarketBasketStrong – C-Suite Lessons from Market Basket

Market Basket Customer Protest

We’ve all heard about Market Basket, the 71-store grocery chain that operates in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The saga began when the CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, was fired about 6 weeks ago. And, the subsequent struggle to “get him back” has played out on every news outlet, online and offline, since. It’s been on Twitter (#marketbasketstrong), CNN Money,… Read more »

Aug 28

Lessons from Companies Using iBeacon to Drive Customer Engagement

Bluetooth Low Energy - Beacon

We talked about the opportunities location-based technology presents in our recent article “Beacons: Reaching the Right Audience, at the Right time, with the Right Offer”. But, the more exciting part of location-based technology is how businesses are applying this in “the real world”.   Apple: Improving In-store Efficiency Apple was one of the first to introduce… Read more »

Aug 10

Making Sense of the Internet of Things (IoT or IoE)

Nest Thermostat

 Is the Internet of Everything more space-age than relevant to this Digital Age?   Apple recently announced its new “smart home” automation software, HomeKit. Google purchased Nest, home automation pioneer, for a shiny $3.2 billion earlier this year. And, products like the Belkin Home Controller are filing market shelves. You may not yet control your appliances, security system and electricity… Read more »

Jul 16

Why Opt-outs are Good for Your Email Campaign


In the email marketing ecosystem, opt-outs play a critical role in helping you manage your email reputation. Apart from opt-out links being a CAN-SPAM requirement, giving users an option to opt-out of your communication is simply good business practice. Consider the alternative. If a disinterested user isn’t offered a clear opt-out mechanism within the email, they have 2 choices: Choice #1:… Read more »

Jul 02

No One Is “Clicking” With Your Emails

Email that's not mobile-friendly

The mobile landscape has changed significantly in the last 3 years and will continue its meteoric ascend over the next few. As a result of this you may have noticed that most of your email marketing interactions now come from devices that don’t feature a “click”. Users increasingly prefer smart phones and tablets to traditional desktops and laptops when viewing, responding to and managing email…. Read more »

Jun 25

Guest Feature: 3 Ways Bad Customer Service Kills Good Marketing

win your free copy - Copy (640x590)

Win an Autographed Copy of Simon’s New Book, Shift Your Brilliance!  The giveaway is exclusive to Digital Wavefront’s friends and followers on social media.* Enter to Win by sharing this article on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #ShiftYourMarketing Today’s guest feature is from Simon T Bailey, Leadership Imagineer and author of Shift Your Brilliance ( on Amazon!). Simon was also a Keynote speaker… Read more »

Jun 17

Our Oktopus Debut! 8 Souvenirs from #MIN63


The Digital Wavefront team had a whale an octopus of a time at Mass Innovation Night’s 63rd event (#MIN63) at Autodesk on Wednesday, June 11th. We debuted Oktopus – a new Saas platform that delivers connected insights, analysis, individual scoring and sharing for email marketing campaigns. 10 Truly Innovative Products From dondeEsta Family, a security app… Read more »

Jun 02

Stop Apologizing for Unsubscribes

You've been Unsubscribed

It’s not YOU, it’s ME! Here’s how an unsubscribe scenario typically plays out… YOU come across an interesting new product and/or service, you get excited about it and you sign up to receive email notifications. Maybe their product is already in the market, in Beta just around the corner, or it’s a big bold idea that’s yet to be hatched. But,… Read more »

May 20

Networking, Learning and Fun at NEDMA’s Annual Conference

The Digital Wavefront team had a great day of networking, learning and fun at NEDMA’s Annual Conference on May 14th at Bentley University. NEDMA had a record turnout and we kept things exciting with a few giveaways including exclusive research from MIT Sloan Management Review and a copy of “The Human Face of Big Data” by Rick Smolan… Read more »

Apr 21

Beacons: Reaching the Right Audience, at the Right Time, with the Right Offer

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

Forget singing, dancing and acting – marketers covet a different kind of triple threat: Reaching the right Audience, at the right Time, with the right Offer. Beacons, recent developments in location technology, allow retailers and other organizations to apply targeted, micro-localized messages in real-time (whether those are promotions, notifications, or otherwise) with this triple threat… Read more »