Oct 22

What’s in the Box?


Box services, a new type of service provider, understand that feeling you get when you receive a package, sent just for you, in the mail. In our article on Cloud Service Providers, we discuss the growing options consumers and businesses have when it comes to hosted services. You probably use these services on a daily basis,… Read more »

Sep 18

#DigitalC3: A Conversation About Social Media Marketing

DigitalC3 Posse

We were excited to get social at our first C3 round table discussion, which was led by thought leader and Director of Social Media at Overdrive Interactive — Bob Cargill. The idea behind C3, our new breakfast series, is to encourage attendees to connect with one another for an open discussion where they converse around one topic while curating ideas that… Read more »

Sep 02

#MarketBasketStrong – C-Suite Lessons from Market Basket

Market Basket Customer Protest

We’ve all heard about Market Basket, the 71-store grocery chain that operates in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The saga began when the CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, was fired about 6 weeks ago. And, the subsequent struggle to “get him back” has played out on every news outlet, online and offline, since. It’s been on Twitter (#marketbasketstrong), CNN Money,… Read more »

Aug 28

Lessons from Companies Using iBeacon to Drive Customer Engagement

Bluetooth Low Energy - Beacon

We talked about the opportunities location-based technology presents in our recent article “Beacons: Reaching the Right Audience, at the Right time, with the Right Offer”. But, the more exciting part of location-based technology is how businesses are applying this in “the real world”.   Apple: Improving In-store Efficiency Apple was one of the first to introduce… Read more »

Aug 10

Making Sense of the Internet of Things (IoT or IoE)

Nest Thermostat

 Is the Internet of Everything more space-age than relevant to this Digital Age?   Apple recently announced its new “smart home” automation software, HomeKit. Google purchased Nest, home automation pioneer, for a shiny $3.2 billion earlier this year. And, products like the Belkin Home Controller are filing market shelves. You may not yet control your appliances, security system and electricity… Read more »

Jul 16

Why Opt-outs are Good for Your Email Campaign


In the email marketing ecosystem, opt-outs play a critical role in helping you manage your email reputation. Apart from opt-out links being a CAN-SPAM requirement, giving users an option to opt-out of your communication is simply good business practice. Consider the alternative. If a disinterested user isn’t offered a clear opt-out mechanism within the email, they have 2 choices: Choice #1:… Read more »

Jul 02

No One Is “Clicking” With Your Emails

Email that's not mobile-friendly

The mobile landscape has changed significantly in the last 3 years and will continue its meteoric ascend over the next few. As a result of this you may have noticed that most of your email marketing interactions now come from devices that don’t feature a “click”. Users increasingly prefer smart phones and tablets to traditional desktops and laptops when viewing, responding to and managing email…. Read more »

Jun 25

Guest Feature: 3 Ways Bad Customer Service Kills Good Marketing

win your free copy - Copy (640x590)

Win an Autographed Copy of Simon’s New Book, Shift Your Brilliance!  The giveaway is exclusive to Digital Wavefront’s friends and followers on social media.* Enter to Win by sharing this article on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #ShiftYourMarketing Today’s guest feature is from Simon T Bailey, Leadership Imagineer and author of Shift Your Brilliance ( on Amazon!). Simon was also a Keynote speaker… Read more »

Jun 17

Our Oktopus Debut! 8 Souvenirs from #MIN63


The Digital Wavefront team had a whale an octopus of a time at Mass Innovation Night’s 63rd event (#MIN63) at Autodesk on Wednesday, June 11th. We debuted Oktopus – a new Saas platform that delivers connected insights, analysis, individual scoring and sharing for email marketing campaigns. 10 Truly Innovative Products From dondeEsta Family, a security app… Read more »

Jun 02

Stop Apologizing for Unsubscribes

You've been Unsubscribed

It’s not YOU, it’s ME! Here’s how an unsubscribe scenario typically plays out… YOU come across an interesting new product and/or service, you get excited about it and you sign up to receive email notifications. Maybe their product is already in the market, in Beta just around the corner, or it’s a big bold idea that’s yet to be hatched. But,… Read more »